Tableau Server for Large-Scale Manufacturing Company

We’re happy to highlight the successful implementation of Tableau for a large-scale manufacturing company based in London, UK. With a global reach and more than 100 employees, the customer sought to connect their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with Tableau, enabling the creation of modern and user-friendly reports for their business owners. Through this project, the company aimed to enhance their data-driven decision-making processes and gain actionable insights across various departments.

Project Objectives

The primary goal of the Tableau implementation project was to establish a seamless connection between the company’s ERP system and Tableau, enabling the creation of robust and intuitive reports. The key objectives were to provide business owners with access to important reports that would enhance their understanding of the company’s performance and enable them to make informed decisions. The project aimed to deliver a range of crucial reports, including:

  • Pipeline Analysis
  • Unit Economics by Funnels
  • Sales Report
  • Inventory Stock Turnover
  • Lead Conversion Report
  • Financial Dashboard
  • Pipeline Conversion
  • and Pipeline Win Rate.

Tableau Sales Dashboard

Impressive Results

One of the most impressive outcomes of the Tableau implementation was the successful integration of Tableau Data Warehouse (DWH) with various services:

  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • LinkedIn
  • and the company’s ERP system.

Tableau Report Example CRM Pipeline

This integration enabled the company to gain a holistic view of their operations, incorporating data from different sources into a unified platform. By leveraging the power of Tableau, the customer was able to analyze and visualize data from Google Ads campaigns, track website performance through Google Analytics, and incorporate LinkedIn data for sales and marketing analysis. The seamless integration of these services provided the company with a comprehensive and interconnected data ecosystem.

Tableau Server Implementation

As a result of the project, a Tableau server was fully implemented, housing numerous dashboards and reports tailored to the specific needs of different business owners and departments. The Tableau server offered a centralized hub for data exploration and visualization, allowing users to access real-time insights and conduct in-depth analysis. The implementation team worked closely with the customer’s stakeholders to ensure that the dashboards and reports were designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, empowering business owners to navigate and interpret data effortlessly.

The successful implementation of Tableau for the global manufacturing company transformed their approach to data analysis and reporting. By connecting their ERP system to Tableau, the company could generate a variety of critical reports, enabling business owners to monitor key metrics, track sales performance, optimise inventory turnover, and gain valuable insights into lead conversion. The integration of Tableau with various Google services (custom software development) further enhanced the company’s data ecosystem, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of marketing campaigns, website performance, and sales data. With Tableau’s powerful visualization capabilities, the customer now possesses a robust analytics platform that supports data-driven decision-making and empowers their business owners to uncover actionable insights in real-time.

Tableau Report Example CRM Pipeline

Tableau Server for Large-Scale Manufacturing Company

We implemented Tableau Server for one of the largest manufacturing companies for tracking Sales, Inventory and Purchase purposes

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