Odoo Server Hardware Requirements on Premise

odoo server requirements on premise

Ensure seamless operations with Odoo server requirements. Discover the key specifications, from CPU power to storage capacity, tailored to your business needs. Whether you have a small team of 10 users, a moderate-sized group of 50, or more extensive requirements, our recommendations ensure top-notch performance. Keep your Odoo system running smoothly with the right hardware foundation. Explore the ideal configurations for your organization’s success.

Recommended Odoo Server Hardware Requrements

As the Odoo official partners we recommend Odoo server specifications based on the number of users:

CriteriaUp to 10 UsersUp to 50 UsersMore than 50 Users
CPUDual-core CPUQuad-core CPUQuad-core or higher CPU
RAM (Memory)2 GB or more4-8 GB or more16 GB or more
Storage10 GB or more20 GB or more50 GB or more (depending on data)
NetworkStable internet connectionStable internet connectionStable internet connection
Operating SystemLinux (e.g., Ubuntu or CentOS)Linux (e.g., Ubuntu or CentOS)Linux (e.g., Ubuntu or CentOS)
Additional NotesSSDs for improved DB performanceSSDs for improved DB performanceSSDs for improved DB performance
Regular backups and monitoringRegular backups and monitoringRegular backups and monitoring
Odoo Server Requirements on Premise

However, please note that these requirements may have changed with newer versions of Odoo, so it’s always a good idea to check the official Odoo documentation or the requirements for the specific version you plan to use. Additionally, the hardware requirements can vary depending on the size and complexity of your Odoo installation.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Server for Odoo with 150 users

This is the latest Odoo server requirements we used for project of 150 users:

  • compute-optimized instance type that offers a balance of CPU and memory resources
  • 6 vCPUs (virtual CPUs)
  • 64 GB RAM
  • 50GB SSD for root
  • 34 media storage
  • DB dedicated server:
    • 4vCPU
    • 16GB RAM
    • EBS

General Hardware Requirements

Here are the general hardware requirements for running Odoo:


  • For small to medium-sized installations, a dual-core CPU should suffice.
  • For larger installations or heavy usage, a quad-core or higher CPU is recommended.

RAM (Memory):

  • For small installations with just a few users, 2 GB of RAM should be sufficient.
  • For medium-sized installations, aim for 4-8 GB of RAM.
  • For larger installations with many users or heavy database usage, consider 16 GB or more.


  • Odoo itself doesn’t require a lot of disk space. A minimum of 10 GB is usually enough for the software itself.
  • However, you’ll need additional space for your database and any uploaded files (such as images and documents). The required space will depend on your specific usage and data volume.


  • A stable internet connection is essential, especially if you plan to use Odoo for remote access or through multiple locations.

Operating System:

  • Odoo can run on various operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and macOS. Linux (e.g., Ubuntu or CentOS) is a popular choice for production environments due to its stability and performance.
  • we recommend Linux based server


  • Odoo typically uses PostgreSQL as its database management system. Ensure that your server has PostgreSQL installed and properly configured.

Other Considerations:

  • Depending on your usage, you may want to consider SSDs (Solid State Drives) for improved database performance.
  • Regular backups and server monitoring are crucial to ensure the reliability of your Odoo installation.
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Remember that these are general guidelines, and the actual hardware requirements can vary based on your specific usage patterns and the number of users accessing the system simultaneously. It’s a good practice to monitor your server’s performance and adjust resources as needed to ensure smooth operation.

For the most up-to-date and version-specific hardware requirements, I recommend visiting the official Odoo website or consulting the documentation for the particular Odoo version you intend to use.

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