Odoo Official Implementation Guide Review

Odoo Implementation Guide

Odoo SA published official implementation guide named “The ultimate guide to successfully implement and sell Odoo projects“. As the official Odoo Partners we reviewed the document below.

Odoo Implementation Methodology Download

The guide, “Implementation Methodology April 2023,” is a document that outlines the methodology for implementing and selling Odoo projects. It covers various aspects such:

  • key concepts
  • roles in the implementation process
  • different implementation phases
  • challenges faced during implementation
  • and strategies to overcome them.

The guide aims to provide a detailed framework for project leaders, focusing on effective management, user adoption, and meeting project goals within budget and schedule constraints.

Pros of the “Implementation Methodology April 2023” Guide

  1. ERP Specificity: The guide focuses specifically on ERP implementation, making it highly relevant for such projects.
  2. Real-World Roles: It outlines common project roles found in actual implementation projects, enhancing its practical applicability.
  3. Expert Preparation: Created by Odoo SA, ensuring the guide’s credibility and alignment with industry standards.
  4. Practical Kick-Off: Begins with a kick-off meeting, a crucial step in real-world projects that sets a solid foundation.

Cons of the Guide

  1. Lacks Odoo Specifics: While it’s about ERP implementation, it doesn’t delve into Odoo’s unique architecture or modules.
  2. Missing Examples and Tools: The guide lacks practical examples, project templates, and checklists, which could aid in application.
  3. Omits Key Steps: Important steps like data import, default integrations, and documentation preparation are not covered.
  4. Type of Project Undefined: Fails to specifically address ‘Odoo upgrade’ projects, which could be a significant aspect for some users.

Common Approach of Odoo Implementation from Official Odoo Partner

As Official Odoo partners we provide the approach described below.

  1. Customer Business Introduction: Customers introduce their business processes and model. The consulting team asks questions, and the project manager documents the outcomes. This stage aims to understand the customer’s business deeply, setting the stage for the Odoo demo and planning.
  2. Odoo First Demo: A 2-4 hour demonstration of Odoo ERP, showcasing its interface, functionality, module interconnectivity, limitations, and advantages. This helps the customer grasp ERP’s core functionality and prepares them for planning.
  3. Planning Stage (Business Analysis): Interviews with customer representatives cover all Odoo modules and business processes for implementation, starting with the most crucial processes. This stage involves detailed checklists, questionnaires, and business process diagrams.
  4. Odoo Setup with Core Modules: This phase includes setting up the email server, HTTPS protocol, server security and backups, and the development environment.
  5. Data Migration Preparation: The consulting team provides templates for data migration, covering customer data, product lists, vendor lists, accounting entries, warehouses, etc., preparing the data for ERP migration.
  6. Odoo Customisation and Development: Customizing Odoo, installing modules, setting options, and performing necessary development work to prepare the ERP for use.
  7. Odoo First Demo with Customisation: A demo of the customized Odoo server, showcasing the platform with the customer’s data and customizations. This step aims to test processes before the production launch.
  8. Odoo Production Launch: Involves final data migration and user support. User manuals and instructions are provided to facilitate a smooth and stress-free transition for end-users.
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