Odoo 17 What’s New?

Odoo 17 Released. Features List

Discover the Latest Innovations in Odoo 17 – Enhancing Your Business Experience

Odoo 17 has arrived, bringing a plethora of exciting updates that promise to revolutionize how businesses interact with this versatile platform. From a stunning new UI design aimed at enhancing user experience through intuitive interactions and aesthetic appeal, to advanced features like customizable search filters for efficient record management, Odoo 17 is all set to redefine business efficiency.

Key upgrades like chatter translations ensure seamless multilingual communication, while the introduction of personalized email template management offers a more tailored approach to business correspondence. Mobile app users are in for a treat with handy shortcuts, making app navigation a breeze.

Further, the introduction of multi-domain aliases caters to diverse business needs, ensuring flexible email management across various domains. The transformation into a Progressive Web App (PWA) means users can now enjoy Odoo’s full functionality without the hassle of app store downloads.

Streamlined features like quick user assignment and the ability to mass-duplicate records directly from the list view significantly reduce administrative overhead, allowing businesses to focus more on growth and less on mundane tasks. Lastly, the innovative inclusion of ratings in email templates opens new avenues for customer feedback, enabling businesses to align closer with their client needs.

Odoo 17 is not just an update; it’s a leap towards more efficient, user-friendly, and adaptable business management. Embrace the change and propel your business into a future of endless possibilities with Odoo 17!

Odoo 17 the Most Useful Features

Here’s a prioritized list of changes based on potential impact and usefulness for end-users:

What’s New?DescriptionUsefulness for End User
New UI DesignMajor usability and aesthetic improvements.Enhanced user experience with intuitive interactions and visual appeal.
Advanced SearchCustomizable filters for efficient record searching.Easier and more efficient data retrieval and management.
Chatter: Message and Note TranslationsEnables translations for messages and notes in the chatter.Facilitates better communication in multilingual environments.
Email Template ManagementUsers can create and manage their own email templates.Personalized and efficient email communication.
List View: Mass-Duplicate RecordsAbility to mass-duplicate records from any list view.Saves time and effort in data management tasks.
Mobile App ShortcutsShortcuts to useful Odoo apps in the mobile application.Quick and easy access to frequently used apps on mobile.
Multi-Domain AliasesMultiple mail domains can be used on a single database.Flexible email management for different business domains.
Odoo PWAOdoo can be installed as a Progressive Web App on any device.Convenient access to Odoo without app store downloads.
Quick User AssignFaster user assignment from records in kanban views.Streamlines user management and task allocation.
Ratings on Email TemplatesAllows adding ratings to email templates.Gathers customer feedback efficiently.
Odoo 17 New Features

What Next? Odoo 18!

List of 5 features that Odoo SA may add next release:

When considering potential features for future releases of Odoo, it’s essential to focus on areas that can enhance user experience, improve efficiency, and keep pace with evolving business needs. Here are five suggested features that Odoo SA might consider for their next release:

  1. AI-Powered Analytics: Incorporate advanced AI algorithms for predictive analytics, offering businesses insights into sales trends, inventory needs, and customer behaviors.
  2. Enhanced Integration Capabilities: Further improve integration with other major platforms and services, facilitating seamless data exchange and workflow automation across various business tools.
  3. Blockchain for Supply Chain Management: Implement blockchain technology to ensure transparent and secure tracking of products through the supply chain, enhancing traceability and authenticity.
  4. Voice Command Interface: Introduce voice command functionality, allowing users to perform tasks and access information hands-free, enhancing accessibility and convenience.
  5. Customizable Dashboard Widgets: Enable users to create and customize dashboard widgets that can display key business metrics, personalized reports, and real-time data updates, providing a more tailored user experience.

These features would not only add value to the Odoo platform but also ensure it remains competitive and relevant in the ever-changing landscape of business technology.

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