Data-Driven Decision-Making with Tableau

As a large-scale manufacturing company based in the UK, our journey with Tableau has been truly transformative. From the moment we engaged with the ERPixel Team, we knew we had made the right choice.

The team’s expertise and deep understanding of our global operations allowed for a seamless integration of our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with Tableau. The objective was clear: to create modern, user-friendly reports that would empower our business owners to make informed decisions.

Working closely with the implementation team, we identified the most crucial reports that would drive our business forward. These included Pipeline Analysis, Unit Economics by Funnels, Sales, Inventory Stock Turnover, Lead Conversion Report, Financial Dashboard, Pipeline Conversion, and Pipeline Win Rate.

What truly impressed us was the integration of Tableau Data Warehouse (DWH) with Google services such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, LinkedIn, and our ERP system. This integration provided us with a comprehensive view of our operations, connecting marketing campaigns, website performance, and sales data into one cohesive platform.

The Tableau server implementation was a game-changer for us. With dozens of dashboards and reports at our disposal, we gained unparalleled visibility into our business metrics. The intuitive interface allowed our business owners to effortlessly navigate and analyze real-time data, enabling data-driven decisions.

This Tableau implementation has revolutionized our approach to data analysis and reporting. We now have the power to monitor key metrics, track sales performance, optimize inventory turnover, and gain valuable insights into lead conversion. The ability to visualize data in a meaningful and interactive way has given us a competitive edge in the market.

We highly recommend Tableau and ERPixel Team to any UK organisation looking to unlock the true potential of their data. The expertise and dedication of the Tableau implementation team, coupled with the platform’s robust capabilities, have transformed the way we do business. With Tableau, we have gained a valuable tool that empowers us to make informed decisions, drive growth, and achieve success.

Thank you, ERPixel, for enabling us to stay ahead in a data-driven world.

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