Tableau Development Services

We provide expert Tableau Development services for creating Tableau reports, dashboards, and metrics.

    Tableau Software
    Setup and Installation

    Tableau Server

    We offer reliable Tableau Server setup services to ensure seamless installation and configuration, enabling you to leverage the platform's full potential for your business needs. The service includes:

    • Suggest Minimum Requirements  for Installation
    • Setup Tableau Services Manager (TSM)
    • Activate and Register Tableau Server
    • Configure Initial Node Settings
    • Add Administration Account
    • Technical training
    Extract Transform Load Data

    DWH / ETL Development

    At ERPixel, we specialize in creating cutting-edge DWH and ETL solutions for diverse industries, including finance, banking, retail, and manufacturing. Our proven expertise enables us to deliver platforms that drive effective business data analysis and align with your strategic objectives. The service includes:

    • Data warehouse development
    • Reporting and analysis DWH solutions
    • Data warehouse for marketing

    The stack of technologies are: PostgreSQL, My SQL, Python, Tableau.


    Dashboards and Reports

    Service includes:

    • Data Clearance and Verification
    • Extracts Preparation
    • Tableau Prep Flow
    • Report Development
    • Dashboard Design and Customization
    • Captions and FAQ
    • Set Access Rights

    Tableau Development Process

    Data Sources Review

    We work with all data sources types: MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Excel, Google Spreadsheets, etc. The key goal is to define the best way to get the data.

    Dashboard and Reports

    We develop reports from scratch, define calculations and metrics, parameters, filters, dimensions and measures. Each dashboard may contains captions and descriptions for better understanding.

    ETL Development

    ETL - data extract, transform, and load (ETL) tools. Tableau has it's own tool 'Tableau Prep' which helps developers clear and transform data reliable.

    End-Users Training

    We train business analysts and creators to use Tableau reports personally.

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