Odoo Functional Training for Sales Teams

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Odoo Functional Training for Sales Teams: Comprehensive Guide for Beginner and Advanced Levels

Join our online Odoo Functional Training tailored for sales teams at both beginner and advanced levels. This course offers an in-depth exploration of Odoo’s capabilities, focusing on sales and CRM modules. Enhance your skills in managing sales processes, customer relations, and reporting with Odoo’s robust ERP system. Registration is mandatory, and the course is priced at $49 per user.

  • Course Format: Online
  • Registration: Mandatory
  • Course Fee: $49 per user
  • Duration: 4 Hours

Course Structure

I. Introduction

  • What is ERP? A brief introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning and its significance in business.
  • Odoo Modules Overview: Covering key modules with a focus on sales-related functionalities.
  • Odoo Interface: Navigating and customizing the Odoo interface.
  • User Settings and Languages: Personalizing Odoo for individual users, including language settings and user preferences.

II. Odoo Sales Basic

  • Product Form: How to effectively create and manage product entries.
  • Customer Form: Best practices for entering and maintaining customer data.
  • Sales Order Form: Step-by-step guide to generating and managing sales orders.
  • Sales Process Overview: Understanding the standard sales workflow in Odoo, tailored for various business sizes.

III. Odoo Sales Advanced

  • Sales Module Settings: Exploring default and customizable settings within the sales module.
  • Product Type and Price-Lists: Setting up different product types and creating price lists for varied customer segments.
  • Product Sales Options: Understanding and utilizing different sales options available in Odoo.
  • Quotation Templates: Crafting effective quotation templates for various sales scenarios.
  • Sales Teams and Sales Reporting: Managing sales teams and analyzing sales performance through reporting tools in Odoo.


  • What is CRM?: Defining Customer Relationship Management and its role in sales.
  • Opportunity Form and Lead Conversion: Managing opportunities and leads, including form completion and conversion processes.
  • Create Quotation from Opportunity: Generating quotations directly from opportunities.
  • Lead Convert to Opportunity, Mark Won/Mark Lost: Techniques for effective lead management and sales tracking.
  • Lost Reasons and CRM Pipeline Analysis: Understanding the reasons behind lost sales and analyzing the CRM pipeline for improved sales strategies.

V. Relationships with Other ERP Modules

  • This section delves into how the sales and CRM modules integrate with other key ERP modules, such as finance and inventory, to provide a comprehensive business management solution.

Conclusion: This training will equip participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively utilize Odoo for sales and CRM. Attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of how to leverage Odoo’s features to enhance sales processes and customer relationships.