Odoo Functional Training for Inventory Teams

  • Contact :Alex
  • E-mail :training@erpixel.com

Embark on a journey to master inventory management with our online “Odoo Functional Training for Inventory Teams”. Tailored for both beginners and seasoned professionals, this course unravels the complexities of inventory management using Odoo’s robust ERP system. For just $49 per user, you can unlock efficiency and precision in your inventory processes. Registration is mandatory to secure your spot in this transformative training experience.

  • Course Format: Online
  • Registration: Mandatory
  • Course Fee: $49 per user
  • Duration: 4 Hours

I. Introduction

  • What is ERP?: Understanding the role and significance of Enterprise Resource Planning in inventory management.
  • Odoo Modules Impact on Inventory: Exploring which Odoo modules directly influence inventory management and their interrelations.
  • Integration of Odoo Modules: A look at how different Odoo modules integrate to streamline inventory processes.

II. Inventory Basics

  • Product Form: Key details and best practices for product form completion.
  • Product and Product Variants: Understanding the nuances and applications of product variants.
  • Product Type: Distinguishing between Storable, Service, and Consumable products and their inventory implications.
  • Product Inventory Options: Overview of various inventory options in Odoo.
  • Unit of Measures, Qty on Hand, Locations: Their critical role in accurate inventory tracking.
  • Delivery Orders, Operations Types, Inventory Adjustment: Functionality and importance in the overall inventory management process.

III. Inventory Advanced

  • Inventory Route and Rule: Concepts and applications in advanced inventory management.
  • Product Category Settings, Location and Location Types: Customizing and optimizing inventory categorization and storage.
  • Warehouse Settings: Effective warehouse setup and management strategies in Odoo.
  • Custom Routes and Operation Types: Creating and leveraging custom routes and operations for unique business needs.
  • Scrap, Landed Costs, Inventory Reporting: Managing waste, calculating additional costs, and harnessing inventory data for strategic decisions.
  • Inventory Module Settings: Exploring advanced settings for fine-tuning inventory operations.

IV. Purchase Module Basic

  • Request for Quotation, Purchase Order: Step-by-step processes and best practices.
  • Product Receipt, Vendor Returns: Managing incoming goods and returns efficiently.
  • Purchase Module Settings: Customizing the purchase module for seamless integration with inventory management.

Conclusion: This comprehensive training will equip you with in-depth knowledge and practical skills to optimize your inventory management using Odoo. Enhance your team’s efficiency and accuracy in handling inventory tasks, and contribute to your organization’s success with confidence.